Critical praise for Syndromeda/Matt Howarth’s Mythical Pursuit

"This contains some of Danny Budts' (aka Syndromeda) most appealing music for quite some time. His albums are always a good listen but on this one he really pulls out all the stops. It has his signature sounds all over it, the mutli layered often quite complex sequencer backing mixing with mystical melodies that at times gently seep into the consciousness whilst at others build to wild solo proportions. As fitting with the album title there is a feeling of questing for answers with many a strange, nervous and edgy twist and turn which serve to heighten tension at just the right times. There are also some really moody ominous passages full of dark intent. After all, with titles like 'Her Insane Majesty's Entropic Empire', 'Inside her Tomb' and 'A Lingering Dread' you wouldn't exactly expect Happy Clappy! The album is actually credited to Syndromeda and Matt Howarth but don't let that confuse you. All the music is by Syndromeda. Matt created the Comic to which this music is designed to accompany and which provided the inspiration for the project. The album will play fine on any standard CD player / Hi Fi but if you do have a computer you can put it in the CD drive and access an otherwise unavailable file which contains the PDF of the comic. The music howver works fine in its own right without access to the comic and the comic could also appeal to many even without the music. If you are already a Syndromeda fan I would buy this without hesitation but if you are new to Danny's music this would not be a bad place to start (this or 'Alien Abduction Phenomenon' that is)." Dave Law,

"Full-on synth/sequencer music is pretty much the name of the game regarding Belgium keyboardist Danny Budts, aka Syndromeda. He's built a respectable career working his particular skein of genre music, consciously aping the more salient moments of both Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze when required. Mythical Pursuit actually wrings a good deal of compositional grit from the Schulzian model, Budts executing six fairly lengthy sequencer treatises of considerable zap and electrical pram. The distinguishing factor on this Pursuit, however, can be discovered perusing 'collaborator' Matt Howarth's accompanying comic, which is embedded in this specially enhanced CD and adds a demonstrably evocative visual element to Budts' already frenzied tremolos. As interesting as Howarth's panels are, however, immersing oneself in the Syndromeda soundworld wholecloth might well be the preferable method of interaction for the average listener. Such an approach is well worth the effort: 'Hidden in the Asteroid Belt' modulates sequencer rush against tidal waves of soaring analogics; 'Her Insane Majesty's Entropic Empire' marries Howarth's dystopian fantasies to Budts' latent tangerine phasing, wind-whipped effects and interstellar soar. Budts' tonal phraseology does cozy up a bit too closely to Berlin alumni for comfort, but ignoring what his objectives truly are -- mining a seam of electronic music rich enough to coarse through a roster of international artists' veins for over 30 years -- doesn't diminish from the palpable tensions he judiciously coaxes from his patchcord array." Darren Bergstein, e/i Magazine,

The cost of the CD is $12 plus shipping.

The tracks on "Mythical Pursuit" are:

1) Mountaintop Consultation with a Slime Mold 12:31
2) Hidden in the Asteroid Belt 8:23
3) Crossing 2AU 1:42
4) Her Insane Majesty's Entropic Empire 18:22
5) Inside her Tomb 14:30
6) A Lingering Dread 5:00


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