Horizon Music CD’s now distributed by POP3 Media

Early in 2005, the distribution mechanism for Horizon Music titles underwent another corporate reshuffling. The distributor has changed its name from Viastar Media Corporation to POP3 Media Corp. This new name reflects an emphasis on emerging technologies for distribution, particularly over the Internet. The Web site for POP3 Media is http://www.pop3media.com. You can contact POP3 at [email protected] or by calling corporate communications at 888-592-7827.

POP3 Media states:

Distribution is the heart of the media sales and the marketing process that exists between production companies and the international retailers, through on-line services, and brick and mortar retailers. The primary mission of Viastar's Distribution Group is to create demand and provide supply. Viastar Distribution Group division ("VDG") is also responsible for fulfillment of both physical and digital product. As an integral element of Pop3 Media, the distribution division facilitates all label credits, collection and cash flow.

In the U.S and overseas, VDG supports Music, Games, Software, DVD, and written word products. VDG also handles distribution and sales for Pop3 Media's diverse roster of labels as well as a wide variety client labels. Viastar Distribution Group's coverage includes over 20,000 retailers nationwide with direct fulfillment to retail chains such as: Tower Records, Wal-Mart, Virgin Mega Stores, HMV, Blockbuster, Musicland, Sam Goody, MediaPlay, Wherehouse, Best Buy, Camelot, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Record Town, Strawberries, Coconuts, For Your Entertainment (FYE), Transworld, Specs, Peaches, Plan 9, Hastings, Music Millennium and thousands of other independent music retailers.

In addition, VDG's customers include all key one-stops such as: AEC, Super D, Norwalk, Galaxy and Baker & Taylor Entertainment. These one-stop distribution accounts are key in servicing smaller stores, remote locations and secondary markets. As part of VDG's service package to vendor labels and retail accounts, VDG offers marketing services which support radio, touring and publicity and with retail p.o.p. programs. These initiatives brand the artist, the label and VDG / Pop3.

VDG is a member of NARM (National Association of Record Merchandisers) and AFIM (Association For Independent Music). Its labels, are all members of the industry associations including NARAS (aka Grammys). With numerous awards and world-class artist rosters to its credit, Pop3 and its label affiliates expect to establish a significant role in the new look of the music industry over the next decade. Much of the business program for Pop3 is built on being in position to offer an enhanced entertainment value for consumers of music, audio books and DVDs..