Horizon Music releases “Space” by Steve Jolliffe

"Space", a CD by British synthesist Steve Jolliffe that Horizon Music released in early 2003, has been chosen by the prestigious retailer Backroads Music as one of its favorite albums of 2003 in the "Instrumental (includes Acoustic and Electronic music)" category. The full rankings can be seen at www.backroadsmusic.com/catalog/best/bestof2003.htm.

When we at Horizon Music called Backroads President Lloyd Barde to thank him for praising "Space" in this manner, he said he appreciated the CD and called it "ambitious". His complete review can be found at www.backroadsmusic.com/catalog/lloyds_picks/lloyds

The tracks on this CD are:

1) Expandere 13:07
2) Axioum 7:54
3) Ermite 5:01
4) Euclidean 16:40
5) Cislunar 15:24
6) Eros 13:19