Musician Conrad Schnitzler dies – August 4

We at Horizon Music were sad to learn that Conrad Schnitzler died on the evening of August 4, 2011 from stomach cancer. In late 2005, "Moon Mummy", a CD to which he contributed the music, was released on the Horizon label. One of the great pioneers of electronic music, he will be greatly missed. The tributes that we have received from various record labels and musicians have been concise yet moving:

Steve Jolliffe - "Another good man has gone on his way."

Dave Law, Synth Music Direct ( ) - "A truly unique person."

Lloyd Barde ( He made some great contributions to music."

Mark Ashby - "Sad news. He was an innovator for sure."

Schnitzler had the following message concerning his death at

Since some time, I globalize me.
Why just living in one country,
why just sleeping in one country,
why just being buried only in one country,
now that we think and live globally.

I would like to be at beautiful places in the world,
without to move me from my place here.
I send my DNA (my hair) to different places in the world.
This means I'm all over the world.
I'm everywhere, even when I'll be dead.
Nobody must come to my grave in Berlin.
My friends can visit me in the whole world now.

So if friends want to give me a place..., welcome.
I'll send a DNA sample to bury me.
I am in the whole world at home now. I love this feeling.

(Note: there are no more DNA samples currently available. May Conrad Schnitzler rest in peace.)


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