New Roedelius Book Out

A book on electronic music pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius has been released. Written by British journalist Stephen Iliffe, the title is "Painting with Sound", and it is available from Iliffe has met Roedelius on many occasions, and interviewed him for the UK magazine Audion. Further interviews were conducted as part of the research. Four years in the making, this 120-page book covers Roedelius' life from the 1930s to post-World War II East Germany to the late 1960s in Berlin and then maps out the various genres of electronic music that he helped to spark off.

Among the highlights of the book are:

  1. Over 80 photographs, many from Roedelius' private archives
  2. Reviews of over 60 albums by Roedelius, Cluster and Harmonia (including the Horizon release "Selfportrait VIII - Introspection")
  3. Full color reproductions of each album
  4. Stories and insight from the Krautrock era
  5. A foreword by Brian Eno
  6. A list of further useful reading and Web sites

This book will appeal to all fans of electronic, ambient, Krautrock, progressive, industrial, new age, or...anybody who appreciates good music!