Hans-Joachim Roedelius tour a fruitful one

Hans-Joachim Roedelius, whose "Selfportrait VIII - Intropsection" CD we released in 2002, has completed a successful tour of the U.S. He performed with American synthesists Dwight Ashley and Tim Story. The sets consisted mostly of material from two Roedelius/Story collaborations, "Persistence of Memory" (a limited edition, soon-to-be-out-of-print CD) and "Lunz". Frequently, a long, cascading ambient introduction was followed by a Roedelius piano solo eerily reminiscent of "Lunz" or even "Pink Blue & Amber", a CD that Story particularly likes. Near the end of the sets, the ambient synth lines and the piano melodies fused very nicely and hypnotically.

Roedelius' entourage consisted of a young colleague, while Ashley and Story were accompanied on tour by their families, all of whom answered questions people had about the various CD's that were for sale. The various opening acts in different cities were also fans of Roedelius, and were very supportive of his efforts.

The only disappointment was that the Nashville gig was cancelled, and with less than two weeks' notice. C'est la vie.


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