VCSR releases LP consisting of tapes from 1979 and 1980

More of a loosely organized collective than a proper band or group, Voltage Controlled Silent Regions (VCSR) recorded over 60 reels of tape between 1978 and 1984. Ever since a plan to have an album produced by Al Jourgensen of Ministry proved abortive, Bil Vermette (the synthesist in the lower right in the photo) has wanted to compile those recordings into albums. He obtained the original raw tapes in 2010, listened to them and eventually sent several of them to a record store/label in Chicago called Permanent Records. They liked the 4th tape the best, and have released it as an LP under the title 'Tape'.

The tracks on the record are:

Side A:

Untitled #41 (4:50 in length)
Untitled #26 (14:30 in length)

Side B:

Untitled #32 (21:20 in length)

The music on this LP was recorded live in the studio with minimal overdubs and without edits or re-dos. As one might expect from spacey electronic music that was recorded in 1979/1980, as this was, and from people who thought of themselves not as musicians but as people who played music, there is a certain lack of technical skill, but that is more than offset by a zeal for improvisation that is clearly evident in these recordings that have been unearthed from the past.

On account of our relationship with Bil Vermette, Horizon Music has been able to obtain copies of this limited-edition vinyl pressing and sell them to you for $15 each. You can hear a sample of Untitled #41 on our samples page.


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